Here we go :D I promised better photos didn’t I?

Considering I haven’t done any serious sewing since school I’m really, really happy with how it came out. It’s not perfect but for a prototype it definitely worked out way better than I expected.
There’s a few things I’m planning on changing if I make more, namely I think I’ll do it with a zip as opposed to a flap, I mostly just wanted a sort of vaguely messenger style one for myself and likewise I’ll do it with an adjustable strap, as well as have the strap running all the way from the bottom seam to give it more strength. I’m getting some heavier interfacing too to see if that helps with the sag I’m still left with even after inserting the plastic mesh into the sides. Also pockets! I’m definitely going to add internal zippered pockets now I know how to do them. XD

I left the insert (which is made out of 3mm MDF and covered with some light padding and the lining fabric) as a separate part because I’m thinking of making a second one intended to secure a few tinies so I can swap them out when I want too.

All in all I’m super happy and I’ll be abusing this to lug London and my other MSD’s around and see just how durable it actually is.